About JJ Hammond

A young artist from Miami grew fond of art through her multicultural exposure during her lifetime. She spent years living in Singapore, Jakarta, and Hong Kong, along with San Diego and Miami, Florida — where she currently resides. Her abnormal childhood experiences influenced to create her first ever piece, “Memory Lane.” This mixed media piece revolved around her excavating lost memories of her childhood. Memory Lane hopes to do the same when engaged with the viewer’s gaze. The intimate connection between the viewer and the art piece aims to bring life to memories that had potentially been obscured from old age. We tend to forget significant times from our past, but every now and then we are spontaneously brought back to a special moment — triggered by something so simple. At 17 years old, she decided to create her first art collection. The Speed Limit Sign collection each portrays the human body in different positions through thermal painting. In her most recent works, “Into The Void” and “Watch Out”, she depicts alternate universes and the constant “what if” questions humans ponder. The universe holds a plethora of unanswered questions flowing through human curiosity day and night. JJ aims to open the viewer’s creative mind and consciousness, stepping them into a world of endless possibilities and curiosity. Anything is possible. A simple pen on paper, a human on earth, this world in the universe… Everything around us is constantly expanding, creativity is limitless.




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