About JJ Hammond

An internationally renowned mixed-media artist. She was born in Beverly Hills, raised across Asia, and settled in Miami and New York during her teens. With exhibitions spanning the globe and studios in New York, Miami, and Dusseldorf, hammond artistic journey is a testament to her unwavering passion and commitment to her craft. Her work is an expression of her personal narrative, drawing inspiration from her diverse experiences and inner reflections. Hammond Channels her creativity into a diverse array of mediums, including used toys, metal signs, and pen and ink. Her aim is to evoke relatable emotions and experiences, acknowledging that while we are all inherently unique, there are universal themes that connect us all; such as childhood, love, heartbreak, and the journey of self-understanding. Through her work, Hammond strives to reveal forgotten thoughts and memories, sparking self-understanding and reflection in her audience. She believes that our experiences, particularly those from childhood, play a pivotal role in shaping who we are. In a world often fraught with chaos and distraction she seeks to remind people of their roots and the significance of their personal Journey.